Out on the tide

ebm-on-the-mudLow tide was around 5:30 tonight so after a full day of culling and bagging (amongst other things), we went out on the tide to hand pick some oysters. This shot is from photog Dave Grossman who came out to chat while we were picking. By the time he got out there, the light was going and it was getting cloudy (rainy day coming up tomorrow) but he managed to get one in.

Quite a day for Skip's crew. Berg was out dragging most of the day while A2 and I culled and bagged. We were interrupted when Rob, director of the Maritime School, came by to tell us he was moving our float. This is the Oysterplex, a huge house that sits on a float. oysterplex1Usually it's in the water but it came out in November and will probably go back in some time in April. Today, they needed to move it about ten feet over to allow room for them to move their own floats out to the water. So A2 and I hung back and watched as this giant contraption picked up the float and, after getting stuck in the mud, moved it over. Apparently little things like this can totally disrupt the day. oysterplex2

Beautiful day for the most part. I think it reached the 50s for a bit. Nice to be outside when it's like that so I'm hoping we get lots more in our near future. Also got a chance to try a few oysters fresh out of the water with Skip. Really plump, briny, and delicious. I think I'm going to love this job.

Am hoping to have time to fill everyone in this weekend. For now, know that my back aches and I'm slightly sunburned... but happy as a clam. crates for culling