Two weeks down

the shop Can't believe it's Friday already. This week flew. Wednesday was a perfect day: high 50s, sunny, windy. We finished up our bags yesterday and have a new guy joining our crew today. Berg is out of town so A2, Claudio, and I are on our own today.

The shot above is our shop (well, Cory's shop, really). It's the garage at Island Creek Headquarters and until we get our float in the water, it's where we're doing all of our processing (counting, washing, bagging). Those are the famous orange Grunden's and orange crates. Our bags are stacked up on the palettes, getting ready to go into the walk-in cooler. We harvested those Tuesday and they were probably in restaurants by Thursday morning.

Last night I met up with friends for dinner at Toro and it was my first experience eating our oysters since I've been on the farm. There's a strong chance that the ones we ate went through my hands at one point during the process (and they were fantastic: marinated, served on the half shell, then sprinkled with grains of paradise and a hit of Tabasco saffron emulsion - really bright and tasty). That's why this whole thing just keeps getting better.

Berg counting and bagging