Al...most... there...

Today made it clear that we are so, so close to summer. It was about mid 40s by the water and warm enough that by mid afternoon, the whole suits crew (plus Cory and Mark) was eating lunch on the patio at Snug Harbor Fish Co. (Granted, they were bundled up in scarves and blankets.) A2 and I joined them for a bite before heading back to the shop where there was way less wind and plenty of sunshine. We washed and bagged in the driveway - could have stayed out there all afternoon. We're getting closer. I can feel it. A2 (aka: Andrew Seraikas. aka: Katherine's son.)

I have to quickly show appreciation for my favorite comment so far. This one comes to us from A2's mom. A2: Call your mother!

I am the mother of A2 and am thoroughly enjoying your blog. What a wonderful opportunity you have been given! I know it's hard work, but it seems very rewarding. From what I've been told, everyone has a good time working at ICO. My grandfather used to farm cranberries in South Carver. I think I should try that out and do a "Bog Blog".

Would you please tell A2 to call his mother as he was supposed to two nights ago?! Also, remind him that he promised to send me some oysters.

I hope to meet you some day.

~ Katherine

Honestly, for any other moms reading out there, I work with the most respectful, disarming, and genuine guys a girl could ask for. They've been perfect gentlemen. So thanks!