Surf & Turf

dsc00294 Before I left the farm on Friday afternoon, Skip asked if any of us wanted steamers. Well, obviously, yes we did. We waited for him to come back from the water and pull a huge basket of steamer clams out of the back of his truck. The Andy's and I loaded up bags of the freshly dug clams before heading to the garage where Skip was pulling scallops out of the cooler. "Help yourselves," he said. pointing his thumb to a 20-pound bag of shucked scallops. These were the dayboats Island Creek has just started selling and they were so fresh, we were eating them raw out of the bag (the fisherman who sold them to us shucks them while he's dragging - all in a one-man operation). Each one was sweet and meaty with the perfect amount of soft, chewy bite.

Berg's scallops

Berg gave me his tips on how to do bacon-wrapped scallops: 450 degree oven, make sure it's completely pre-heated, wrap up the scallops and secure them with a toothpick. Pull them out when the bacon's brown and crispy.

My scallops

He was right - they were perfection. Dave and I spent the afternoon flipping between the Masters and the Indians game, enjoying a progressive dinner of steamers (we used Greg Morris's recipe which I'll post later), bacon-wrapped scallops, and then steaks and twice-baked potatoes. Our new favorite way to dine.