We have growth!

A2 culling in the rain We're seeing buds on the trees and now we've got growth on our oysters. We were stuck up at the shop yesterday due to weather but it gave us a nice break from the water and chance to catch up with all of the folks who wander in and out of the garage all day. The morning started with culling and listening to CJ's crazy weekend stories while he and Cory loaded up the truck. As Cory would say, "The kid's on fire." Shore joined us for a bit (looking every bit as haggard as CJ) and we got to chat with Billy who just got back from vacation. He was telling us about the weather diary he's kept for the last several years - says the water temps are probably up to about 40 degrees right now. I asked if he'd seen the weather trending one way or the other in general over the last few years and he said no, not really. "There are cycles here and there but for the most part, it's been the same. But we have had some pretty bad nor'easters at the end of April these past few years." Fingers crossed this year's an off one.

oyster growth

Also got to visit with John Brawley who came by and asked if we'd seen any edging on our oysters yet. He picked one up to show us: "See this white rim at the top? Means the water's warm enough for the shells to start growing back." Which also means all of those RTG's (return to grant's) we've been sending back to the water are repairing themselves more quickly. They'll sit for awhile longer but soon enough, we'll be able to re-harvest them and send them out to restaurants. A2 said that he'd noticed it while washing (we've been pumping up ocean water when we're on the float where you can really feel the difference in the temp). Brawley responded: "Yeah, the water doesn't hurt my hands so much anymore."

And my weather guy tells me we're looking at an 80-degree weekend. Wha?! Here's hoping we're on the upswing...for us and the oysters.