A taste of summer

Berg staying cool We had a record-breaking hot one yesterday: it hit 91 in Boston and we were in the high 80s on the water all day. My crew was out on the tide by 7 and around 8, the heat picked up and those huge rubber waders felt like lead. But it was a super long tide so we got lots of picking done, despite the dreaded weed that still covers everything. And, despite this friendly little spider crab who I almost picked up since he was disguised as an oyster.


A2 wasn't thrilled and now I know why. These things are prehistoric and when you're inches away from the mud, terrifying to come face to face with. But he didn't do any harm and eventually scurried away and buried himself back in the mud. Where he belongs.

back into the mud

After the tide, we picked up Joe of Jeeves (who's helping us out for a few days), along with some iced coffees back on land before heading back to the float to cull. After an hour or so I was broiling and decided to take my chances in the freezing waters with a quick swim. It was absolutely frigid -- the kind of cold that takes your breath away -- but felt incredible. Later, Shore said I should try to get myself into the 12-month club and hit the water every month of the year. Not sure I can get myself in when the water temp is lower that mid 50s, but we'll see. I know I'll be going in a lot once things pick up. Joe was telling A2 and I about the endless summer battle they have tossing people in. Once that cell phone comes out of your pocket, all bets are apparently off.

It was a long day in the heat and sun but I finally had that aha moment. I used to spend days and days behind my desk, staring hopelessly out a window into the summer sunshine wondering what else I would be doing if I only I could go outside. I probably wasted countless hours doing that on someone else's dime (apologies to any former bosses). If half of this summer is anything like yesterday, I may never go back to an office again.