Spring Fever

seed It is officially go time. The last few days have totally changed the dynamic at the farm. There's seed arriving daily and the growers are pumped. I got to the farm yesterday and found Mike George laying face down on the dock -- he was messing with the silo in his upweller which already has tons of little seedlings in place. It's tricky this time of year since the wind is still blowing hard east and can easily pick up and carry the seed out of your hand. But he was happy to show off his new babies.


It set the tone for the day which turned into an exciting one. After a few hours of culling, Skip came by and gave the team a little pep talk about the upcoming summer crew and our respective roles. And then we had a visit from Blue Ginger chef, Ming Tsai. He was pretty chill but tasted a few oysters and then went along his way. Pretty sure he liked what he tasted though.


A2, Will, and I opened a few oysters after some more culling and then went back to land for some lunch. We picked up a few friends along the way. Don Merry, Mark Bouthillier, Dave Grossman, the suits, and our crew all ate up at Snug Harbor on the patio and chatted about the new website (coming soon!), our visitor Ming, and just the general beauty of the day.

Skip told us he was getting some seed in yesterday but we haven't seen his yet. He's expecting to get millions of seeds this year which is incredible (he gets them for his own farm and his father, Billy's). I can't even fathom how we keep track of it all but I suspect I'll have my head wrapped around it pretty quickly in the next few weeks. We've got two new crew members starting next week so I'm gearing up for what should be a ton of work. And, ok, a little bit of fun.